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Expert psychology support for cancer wellbeing


Expert psychology support for cancer wellbeing

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About Us


What is the Cancer Wellbeing Centre?

The Cancer Wellbeing Centre (CWC) provides you and your loved ones with warm and expert psychological care to help you cope with the challenges of cancer and create a balanced life.  Our expert cancer psychologists are specially trained in delivering psychological interventions to people affected by cancer – including family and loved ones.  We provide psychology in Brisbane's western suburbs via our Indooroopilly clinic, and can also provide mobile and outreach services throughout South-East Queensland.


Why choose the Cancer Wellbeing Centre?

  • Experienced clinical psychologists
  • Expert cancer training
  • Long-term, ongoing psychological care
  • Outreach services including home and hospital visits
  • Flexible phone and Skype appointments
  • Boutique, tailored professional service
  • Personalised treatment throughout your cancer journey


Who is the Cancer Wellbeing Centre for?

  • People newly diagnosed 
  • People having treatment 
  • People living with cancer 
  • Survivors of cancer 
  • People supporting a loved one or family member with cancer 
  • People who have been bereaved

What values can I expect from the Cancer Wellbeing Centre?


A diagnosis of cancer can come as a real shock — and in the midst of adjusting to this news you are often faced with having to make difficult treatment and lifestyle decisions. Treatment effects can pose additional life challenges, impacting your work, relationships and family life. After finalising medical treatment you may find yourself feeling isolated, just as you are trying to work out how to move forward with your life. Our team of expert cancer psychologists will work with you to provide respect, support and compassionate care when you need it most.


Feelings of trauma, lingering distress, depression and anxiety can persist throughout a person's cancer journey and beyond. Family and loved ones can also feel emotional effects that impact their quality of life. Psychological interventions have been shown to help people feel less distressed and experience greater emotional wellbeing. We offer a range of evidence-based and individually tailored services. For further details, please see 'Our Services'.


We understand that sometimes appointments may be needed urgently. We will work with you to arrange the best and most time-sensitive care possible for your unique situation.


Utilising our professional network, we work together with medical and allied health teams to maximise your care. We can facilitate referrals to link our clients wiin with required servis, such as dieticians, occupational therapists and exercise physiologists.

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