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Lee Cubis

Lee is a registered Psychologist with experience in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, community mental health and disability support services. He is currently completing a PhD in the area of social and psychological adjustment to brain tumour, and has close ties with both hospital and community cancer support services. Lee has presented his research on brain tumour to local, national and international audiences; and enjoys the opportunity to keep up to date with current research initiatives in psycho-oncology. Prior to becoming a Psychologist, Lee worked for many years in health and disability services. In addition to completing training in Clinical Psychology, Lee has undertaken specific professional development in Cognitive-Behavioural and Mindfulness therapies tailored for people living with cancer.   

Lee enjoys taking the time to understand a person’s experience, and draws on principles of character strengths and resilience when working with people experiencing illness or major life transitions. He uses a warm and collaborative approach to therapy whilst providing evidence based support and intervention to help people improve their wellbeing.  

Outside of work, Lee likes to maintain a healthy balance by staying active, drinking good coffee and heading to the coast whenever possible.