Cancer Wellbeing Centre

Expert psychology support for cancer wellbeing

Expert Cancer Psychologists in Brisbane


Cancer Council Queensland

Support offered by the Cancer Council ranges from financial support, peer support, relaxation groups and counselling over the telephone with a nurse counsellor or psychologist.  There is no cost for any of these services. Contact 13 11 20 to speak to a member of the team. 

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Wesley Choices Programme

Provides cancer and rehabilitation advice, support groups, complementary therapies and post-surgery exercise classes for people with any type of cancer. You do not have to be a patient of the Wesley to access services and can drop in at any time or call 1800 227 271. 

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Canteen is for young people aged 12-25 who are dealing with their own or a close family member's cancer.  They provide free cancer information and  resources, online peer support, counselling (via online chat or over the phone) and information about local specialist services.  To find out more you can call 1800 835 932. 

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Melanoma Patients Australia (MPA)

MPA is an independent, not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting and representing those affected by melanoma. They provide a range of services to assist people on their journey with melanoma including: counselling, education, peer to peer connections and support groups both online, on the phone and face to face.  You can call their support line on 1300 884 450 or alternatively access further information on their website.

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Breast Cancer Network of Australia (BCNA)

 The national telephone helpline can help with concerns about breast cancer and/or provide you with written information. Women and men with metastatic breast cancer are also able to access specialist telephone counselling.  The BCNA online network allows people to access active online support.  Call 1800 500 258 to speak to a member of the Helpline team. 

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Medicare Safety Net

Registering for, and being aware of, the entitlements of the Medicare Safety Net can make a big difference in rebate amounts for singles and families. To learn more about the benefits you may be eligible for, please contact Medicare directly. 

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